To the praise

of the glory

of God's grace


What is home?
What does it mean to us?
A place of peace--rest--affection?
Of gaiety--and laughter?
The place we love--reverence--yearn for?
For which we are ready to work,
and plan and strive?
Or does it mean confusion, inharmony?
Hour after hour of petty quarrels, differences?
Frowns and fault-finding?
Home is first of all within ourselves.
The most stately of mansions, the richest draperies,
rarest rugs, furnishings will not make a Home--
Unless there is Peace--Stillness--Unselfishness--
within Every Heart.
Home is not bounded by the four walls of a house.
It is the heart of Life.
To it Life comes.
In it Life is nurtured, ideals born,
knowledge gained.
Upon it the strength of the nation is built.
It is the cradle of World Progress--
And guarding it, guiding it with skillful hands--
watching with seeing eyes, are
Women--and Men.
The woman Within--the man Without--
returning at night
to the Home Centre--his day well-spent.
The World's Home-Makers.
The World Without--the business day--
is like the home
World Within.
The tasks that must be done are tasks--
The Man at work--
Driving the trolley, that others may ride to work.
Guiding a bank, that money may do
its most for business.
Managing a store.
Tilling the fields
For what?
For his own home--and for all homes.
That is why business exists.
The woman's work is more than
Scrubbing potatoes--
Preparing the meal--
That the family may be fed.
Washing the floors, the paint--that the home,
The Centre of Industry, may be Clean.
It is comforting the child--
Pouring peace and harmony upon the man--
who is disturbed by the friction without.
Each tiny task a brick in the structure of
Home--the Centre
For which civilization exists.


The basis of happy home life is a real Home Partnership. The man earns, the woman wisely spends, and works at home, creating for the man the comfort and rest that he must have--that mental, spiritual and physical sustainment that only a quiet home can give.

The phrase "Home Partnership" means much:

A common understanding of the size of the family income; an amicable budgeting of the general expenses, including sufficient for the personal expenses of the man,--also the personal expenses of the wife. A friendly agreement as to the selection of the home and its furnishings, for it must express both the man and wife; the training of the children; and the family pleasures.

"Togetherness" is the keynote of a successful home. But it does not mean that everything should be shared. In many cases this results in the overpowering of one personality by another, the strongest dominating.

In any successful business partnership, either partner can make a plan, which is discussed by the two. If objections are raised feelings are not hurt. The arguments are heard and, if either one proves the plan is not good, the one who presented it is big enough to give it up. On the contrary, if it still appears to be a good plan, it is quietly explained further. Without loss of temper, sick headaches, hard words, the matter is settled.

The reason so many home plans go wrong is that both the man and woman are not "sold" solidly on the idea. The man says "yes" when he knows it's not right, because the woman teases him into acquiescence; the woman says "yes", because she is afraid of a long argument.

In a successful partnership, the woman must back up intuition with reason--and the man must speed up reason!. . .

Home Partners or Seeing the Family Through
by Ida Bailey Allen